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  1. Repair of water tank roof plate in refinery of MOTOR OIL in Ag. Theodoroi
  2. Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens
  3. Renovation of the hotel complex "AKTI ZEUS" in Linoperamata Crete
  4. Testing and Reinforcement of Bridges and Other Constructions on the National Road Tripoli - Kalamata (Tsakona section)
  5. Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata Highway
  6. Restoration work for tank pedestals support and repairs on "Olive Oil Agricultural Cooperative of Stylida"
  7. Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, at Penteli
  8. Repair and renovation of the holy church of Agia Fotini and landscaping
  9. Repair and reinforcement works of reinforced concrete elements of the bearing structure at the building of the bishopric of Holy Metropolis of Corinth
  10. Office building and Logistics center in the Industrial Area of Sindos Thessaloniki
  11. Restoration of historic building of the Plapouta Tower at Paloumpa municipality of Gortynia
  12. Under construction Thessaly Cooperative Bank building
  13. Repair-reinforcement of domed sewer in the project "Construction of Igoumenitsa-Preveza road. Improvement in sections" at the bridge area of Despo
  14. Restoration of masonry with grout application on a property on the island of Paros
  15. Repair and reinforcement works in properties on the island of Antiparos
  16. Installation works of steel reinforcement, bolts, mineral elements and undisturbed cutting on a property on the island of Antiparos
  17. Repair and strengthening works of reinforced concrete elements of the bearing structure at a property in Kea island
  18. Landmark building at Metamorfoseos and Perikleous streets in Kallithea
  19. Residence at Dyrachio & Pindos streets at Papagos
  20. Building Reinforcement in Halandri
  21. Building Reinforcement at 4, Apollonos str.
  22. Residence at Patr. Grigorios E' str. in Maroussi
  23. House on Xanthos and Cyprus street in Evryali in GlyfadaHouse on Xanthos and Cyprus street in Evryali in Glyfada


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