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Authorized Associate of Companies, BASF AE, FOSROC INTERNATIONAL Ltd and SINTECNO SA for the implementation of their products based on the European Standard ELOT EN 1504


Inspections and Testing of building structure and construction elements

Core drilling Tests

CORE DRILLINGTo assess the concrete strength in the control of existing buildings, taking cores is often necessary. Cores are used for conducting some indirect methods.

In addition to the compressive strength of concrete by taking cores, we can still examine:

  • Generally the quality of the concrete of the construction

Structural reinforcement and restoration of existing structures

Fiber Reinfoced Polymers

fiberComposite materials are placed on the surfaces of the components and constitute a sort of permanent external reinforcement. The connection and cooperation of different materials is achieved by epoxy resins. Their use is now one popular strengthening technique because it is easy to implement.

The fiber reinforced polymers are divided into::

  1. Fabrics, rods and carbon fiber plates.
  2. Glass fiber fabric
  3. Kevlar fabric

The choice of one of these categories depends on the type of support we want to achieve, but also by the environmental conditions during the application.

Uses of composite materials

  • Reinforcement of columns by imposing external confinement and increasing ductility.
  • Increased shear resistance
  • Increase in flexural strength
  • Impact Reinforcement

Specialized Works

Concrete Floor Repairs

episkeves2 mediumOur company carries out specialized repairs - restoration of of cracked or damaged concrete floors and industrial floors that meet high demands. Their application includes undisturbed cutting and removal of problematic parts, improvement of sub-base, installation of bolts by using resins, placement of new steel reinforcement, concreting, final surface treatment and cutting joints, sealing of joints.

episkeves1 mediumThe company also implements specialized method of stitching to repair major cracks in concrete floors and industrial floors, by using bolts "F" (stitching dogs), epoxy resins and special methacrylates cements of rapid setting and high standards for repairing heavy duty floors.

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